With the crisp air and falling snow from the mountains, get ready to upgrade your experiences in Tasmania this winter with these top 6 activities!

Tasmania is famous for its beautiful sights and snow when winter comes, but few know that there are many other winter activities in Tasmania that are no less exciting.



This provocative midwinter festival, called Dark Mofo, was created by the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) to celebrate the dark and ancient pagan rituals for attendees to create life-long memories. The festival aims to explore the links between ancient and modern mythology, dark and light, birth and death through music, art, food and film that are showcased in every corner of Hobart (and beyond).  Each year there are new and exciting events such as musical acts, themed shows, films and even a fantastic laser show at Dark Park. The most uncanny event might be the nude solstice swim where courageous crowds rush into the cold waters of River Derwent at sunrise to celebrate the return of the light after the longest night of the year. For those who are up to the challenge and longing to have a once in a lifetime experience, this is your chance to shine!


winter activities in tasmania

One of the biggest winter activities in Tasmania


Cradle Mountain – The enchanted walk

The enchanted walk is a delightful walk that provides a taste of the iconic Cradle Mountain. Besides being the beautiful walk through a magical forest, in wintertime it is elevated by the snow on the trees around you. The cascading creek suddenly brings out a completely different and relaxed vibe with the white snow covering it up. It’s like walking through a fairy tale! At the end of the walk awaits the Pencil Pine Cascades which is a great highlight, as it is at it’s highest peak during winter, making this walk among the best winter activities in Tasmania for you to try out! With all these reasons, give Cradle Mountain a chance to be seen in this magical season, and let the enchanted walk lead you into a fantasy world!


Astounding scenario of the Enchanted Walk in winter


Chocolate Winterfest

As you escape from the bleakness of winter, the Chocolate Winterfest in Latrobe is here to serve you that unmistakably sweet taste of chocolate! The name says it all: from tastings to games and events, everything about this festival celebrates the “food of the gods”. Every corner of the streets are chocolate-filled: cakes, tarts, biscuits, cupcakes, or even sundaes for a little chilliness. Feel like you are eating too much? Go to the Museum of Chocolate or maybe get your hands deliciously dirty and make your own chocolate sculpture or soap in the workshops. Other winter activities in Tasmania this festival can offer include doing a chocolate chess match, or a chocolate bingo match, or getting a chocolate tattoo if this food is the love of your life.  This festival has almost everything for everyone, even chocolate massage service with cacao beans being recognised by spa therapists for its healing and beautifying properties! Feeling excited enough? Plan your trip and don’t miss out on all these winter activities in Tasmania at this must-see festival!


Chocolate Winterfest – a place for everyone


Promised land: Tasmazia And The Village Of Lower Crackpot 

Located within the “Promised Land”, Tasmazia And The Village Of Lower Crackpot is the most fascinating and unusual tourist destination that you won’t find anywhere else in Tasmania! The Village Of Lower Crackpot is a quirky model village built to ⅕ scale with each building having a unique Tasmanian story and plenty of unusual sights. It even has an Embassy Garden where over 40 buildings represent different countries, as well as a few imaginary ones, just for fun!  This attraction also offers you one of the world’s largest maze complexes with a total of 8 magical mazes for you to explore. 


The tiny village of the promised land!


Port Arthur Ghost Tour

Port Arthur is one of the most famous historic sites in Tasmania, but who knows when darkness falls, its hidden side will emerge! Full of mystery and intrigue, Port Arthur is said to be haunted by the old souls that died here during its 47-year history as a penal settlement. Going in the darkness in this chilly weather can only intensify your senses when all the strange stories unfold. It doesn’t matter if you believe in ghosts or not, as you follow your expert tour guide and discover Port Arthur’s secrets, you can decide for yourself the real reasons behind all these rumors!  You can buy the tickets for this tour here!


Mystify your winter activities in Tasmania with this ghost tour!


Salamanca Arts Centre’s ‘Winter Light’ festival

Winter Light festival delivers a diverse program with everything from contemporary dance, to cabaret, to contemporary indie, to traditional Indian dance, all the way through to B-Grade Horror. It was created by the Salamanca Arts Centre in 2021 at a time when Tasmania was isolated from the rest of the world. It is said in many cultures that the end of Winter is a time when the community gathers and celebrates the end of the darkness and the coming of the light. This festival meant to transform the darkest, coldest, and loneliest month that Tasmania was going through into a time of celebration and connection!  Are you an art lover? Go and celebrate the lightening days with this glamorous festival!


Winter Light has returned!

Have these winter activities in Tasmania made you excited? Plan the trip and go make this winter unforgettable! Explore more about the east coast of Tasmania here!

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