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Exmouth: the gateway to the Coral Coast

Most people journey to Ningaloo Reef with a dream of swimming with whale sharks, but it’s also a beautiful place with an incredible history, where the reef meets the sea. Located 1,270 kms north of Perth,  Exmouth is situated on the very tip of the North West Cape in Western Australia.

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Broome: a bounty of history and mystery

A town that is the gateway to a region as astounding as the Kimberley might well be considered a stepping-stone into the vast outback of Australia, but the charm of Broome, visually defined by the red Pindan soil that meets white sandy beaches and bright turquoise waters, begs you to stay.

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Albany: whisky, wine and the great outdoors

Albany in Western Australia is rich in history, nature, wine and whisky. It’s also home to some incredible natural and manmade wonders and is known as Amazing Albany. In fact, about 30 million years ago, Antarctica and Australia were still joined at Albany’s rugged coastline.

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Kununurra: an ancient and remote wilderness

Kununurra is like an oasis in the desert. Get ready to see mind-blowing masses of rock formations bigger than Uluru, pink diamonds and an outback lake 19 times the size of Sydney Harbour. Dive into an ancient land packed with endless wonders.

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Swan Valley: a sweet trail of indulgence

Swan Valley is located an easy 16 km from Perth’s city centre, and has been a renowned grape-growing region for almost 190 years. With 40 wineries, it attracts about 480,000 day trippers each year to taste their way through the lovely wine and food on offer.

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Margaret River: food, wine and wonder

Margs, as the locals call her, is blessed with a Mediterraneanstyle climate, meaning it has ideal wine growing conditions. The region also attracts alternative lifestylers and wellness practitioners, wellheeled foodies, musicians, lovers of  nature and art.

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