As the lockdown in Sydney continues, it’s important to allow space and time to take care of your mental health and de-stress. Fortunately, Sydney has a long list of outdoor trails and areas to enjoy while remaining socially distanced.


If you’re keen to combat cabin fever, these beautiful walks in Sydney will keep your body fit and your mind strong (permitted they’re no more than 10kms from your home!).


Curracurrong Falls, Royal National Park

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Royal National Park 

If you are interested in a long walk by the beach, the Bundeena Drive to Marley walk at the Royal National Park is the perfect location. The landscape features heathland, freshwater pools, and most importantly an incredible view of the water. The walk is an easy eight-kilometre loop over gentle hills and can be completed within two and a half hours. The Royal National Park also includes various trails and bike routes each at different distances and difficulties. Learn more here.


Bondi coastal walks in Sydney

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Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Don’t forget your best friend! This walk allows you to bring your dog along for an adventure alongside the coast. With six kilometres of open parks, rock pools, and cliffs, it’s a destination both you and your dog can enjoy, as long as they wear a leash of course. The walk averages two to three hours and follows alongside attractions such as Bondi Beach, Tamarama Beach, Bronte Beach, and Coogee Beach. The walk is easy and there is much to see and do for anyone at any difficulty! Learn more here.



America Bay Track 

If you are interested in a Sydney short bushwalk, the American Bay Track is the perfect trek. The track is only two kilometres and you are rewarded with a beautiful view of American Bay at the end. Along the way, keep an eye out for Aboriginal engravings, waterfalls, creeks, and the beautiful wildlife. This track is perfect if you’re in a time crunch or are looking for something easy. If you’re interested in learning more check it out here.



Wolli Creek Track

If you’re searching for a slightly more challenging track while still keeping it easy, the Wolli Creek Track kicks it up a notch. This short half-hour trek offers an incredible view of Sydney’s bushes.

The walk also contains valuable native species of plants that serve as an important part of conservation for the bush habitat. Many native birds and insects make their home within these bushes as they pollinate and give back to their ecosystem. Other wildlife to see include pelicans egrets, and with a good eye, the veiled frogmouths can be spotted. Learn more about this noteworthy trail here.


Blue Mountains walks in Sydney

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Ruined Castle Walk

For those who are seeking a thrilling adventure, the Ruined Castle walk through the Blue Mountains National Park provides a challenging and rewarding experience. This almost seven-kilometre trip takes roughly five to six hours to complete and can easily fill an empty schedule. Along the trail, hikers can encounter valleys, forests, ruined cottages, steep cliffs and boulders. This trail is for experienced hikers and proper research and safety precautions are advised to make the most of this unique trek. Learn more about what to know about this walk here.


Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay Walk, Mosman

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Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay Walk

To enjoy the beautiful view of the Sydney Harbour, the Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay walk is an easy two hour walk. The walk takes you through bridges, beaches, and rich vegetation and allows a perfect opportunity to take in the fresh ocean air. During the walk, prepare to spot the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the Booraghee Amphitheatre. There are also plenty of shade and rest stops along the way. Learn more here.


Hermitage foreshore walks in Sydney

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Hermitage Foreshore Walk

For a brisk walk with gentle hills, the Hermitage Foreshore walk at the Sydney Harbour provides a relaxing venture through beaches and bushwalks. No experience is required to complete the almost two-kilometre trail and is the perfect option for a quick and easy getaway. Following the set path, hikers are rewarded with an awestruck view of the ocean. Learn more here on what to prepare for this walk.



The Bay Run

If you are wanting to get a good run in, the Bay Run is one of Sydney’s most popular running routes. A seven-kilometre flat circuit with scenic views around the Iron Cove Bridge can make racking up steps easy. The trek along the water’s edge provides a serene environment for a relaxing walk, too. Bikes are also welcomed along this route and provide a variety of options to get out and move. If trekking through bushwalks and steep rocky hills isn’t for you, the Bay Run would be the best fit for you. Learn more about it here.


Map of Walks in Sydney

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Two Creek Trail

If you’re wanting to conquer more sharp corners and steep hills without needing to be an expert hiker, the Two Creek Trail provides a challenging yet accomplishable opportunity. This trail has been rated moderate in difficulty due to its sections across rougher terrain. Following along two creeks, hence the name, the track takes roughly one and a half hours to complete. The trail is currently ongoing construction, however, it is still open. Flooding often occurs after rain so proper research and preparation are important. Learn more about how to prepare here.



Blue Gum Walk

Named after the Sydney Blue Gum tree dominant in the area, it is a rare and unique environment that is a must-visit. Only around fourteen hectares remain in the world due to its unusual growth in the local soils and volcanic rock found in the area. The walk provides an amazing opportunity to experience these special trees first-hand while also encountering the tall grasses and bushwalks. The walk is rough yet short and can be completed within two hours. Along the way, ponds and creeks can be spotted and additional trails around them can add to your walk if desired. Learn more about the incredible history of the area and how to prepare for your walk here.


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