A world of beauty, wildlife and adventure awaits off the coast of this big island. Here are some of the best places to dip your head under the water and check out the local swimmers.

Shelly Beach NSW

Need a break from Sydney’s hectic city life? Here is the perfect solution, and you don’t need to book a flight or even take your car. Jump on a bus towards Manly, walk for 20 minutes and there it is: the paradise that is Shelly Beach! Take a deep breath and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings while snorkelling around this little piece of heaven. And while you’re here, you can admire the aquatic reserve of Cabbage Tree Bay. Both are worth a visit: the first is ideal to relax and snorkel in calm water, and the second offers amazing spots to see various fish species such as yellowfin bream, cuttlefish and even stingrays.



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Jervis Bay NSW

Located on NSW’s south coast, Jervis Bay is home to abundant marine life and one of the most famous snorkelling places in the state. For all the big ‘fish’ lovers, you just found an idyll to encounter marine mammals such as seals, whales and, of course, the famous bottlenose dolphins! The bay also has hidden secrets thanks to natural caverns enabled by fallen underwater rocks. Put on your flippers, mask and snorkel, and dive into the deep blue immensity.



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Mooloolaba Qld

Looking for a life-changing experience? The Sunshine Coast is renowned for its stunning beaches and mesmerising landscapes, but best of all, you have the opportunity to see and swim with whales from July to November (and dolphins the rest of the year). Facing these impressive creatures in real life is an incredible experience that will remain in your mind forever. If you’re a whale lover, put your blanket and tea aside, prepare a towel and warm clothes, then face this year’s cold season with a thrilling and unique adventure.


Shoalwater Islands

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Shoalwater Islands Marine Park WA

If you’re a wildlife fan and would love to see nature in its natural habitat, Shoalwater Islands will make your dreams come true. Besides the many specimens of marine life, there is plenty happening on the shore, too: be sure to take a look at the lazy sunbathing sea lions and the funny little penguins jumping in and out of the water.


Turtle underwater

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Moreton Island Qld

If you love to snorkel around and spot hidden treasures, Moreton Island and its Tangalooma Wrecks are tailor-made for you. Why are the ships even there? In 1963 15 vessels were deliberately sunk to form a breakwall for small boats, and as a result it became one of the most gorgeous snorkelling sites in Australia. Dive in and discover the bones of these boats – maybe even build your own story about them.


Port Noarlunga

© South Australia Tourism Commission

Port Noarlunga SA

Encounter plenty of marine inhabitants in a safe area perfectly designed for first time snorkellers.

Port Noarlunga’s beautiful beach, only 34 kilometres south of Adelaide, offers the perfect splash to dive into a mesmerising underwater world full of colourful fish of all species and sizes. Explore the gorgeous reef while surrounded by darting schools and amazing sea stars. Here begins your exciting snorkelling career!


Ningaloo Reef

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Ningaloo Reef WA

Let yourself be drawn into a breathtaking adventure which moves everyone who experiences it.

Besides an unforgettable encounter with whale sharks, you will have the opportunity to see blue whales, dolphins, manta rays, dugongs, turtles and other magnificent inhabitants of the Indian Ocean. Don’t wait for this wonderful opportunity to dive into a blue wonder.


Lord Howe Island

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Lord Howe Island NSW

Enchanting surroundings await you in this stunning destination. Interested in coral? This is the perfect spot. Lord Howe Island offers more than 90 coral and 500 fish species in the colourful reefs of its warm seas. UNESCO’s protected marine paradise invites you into its deepest secrets, offering you a look at true beauty.


Green Island

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Green Island Qld

Adventure begins only 60 metres from shore. Under the jetty here, you might spot turtles, stingrays and rabbitfish among a heaving sea life scene. Swim around and experience the captivating wonders of Green Island’s crystal-clear waters. Besides its snorkelling spots, the island – not far from Cairns –offers activities such as helicopter flights above the rainforest or cruising expeditions. So don’t think further, join this fascinating adventure.


Blue Pearl Bay

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Blue Pearl Bay Qld

Enter Blue Pearl Bay’s water off the coast of Hayman Island – either from your vessel or directly from the beach – and explore mysterious underwater canyons and caves. Visibility usually goes from three to 15 metres depending on local conditions, while diving depth is from three to 18 metres. If you’re lucky, you will have the amazing opportunity to meet the famous Maori wrasse, a permanent resident of the island’s surrounding waters.

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