Walk alongside an Indigenous guide as you explore the Isa Native Botanical Garden in the heart of Mount Isa, and learn about traditional methods used to make tools, medicine and bush tucker firsthand. 

The Traditional Custodians of the land, the Kalkatungu (Kalkadoon) people, as well as other tribes such as the Gangalida, Yanuwa and Garrawa, have lived and thrived on this country for more than 65,000 years. The Kalkadoon craftsmen were famous for the quality of their stone implements and were renowned as one of the country’s strongest tribes.

For generations, they have passed down their extensive knowledge of native flora and fauna, and now we can gain some of this fascinating knowledge firsthand. 


Learn about traditional bush tucker from an Indigenous guide. Image: supplied.


Bush tucker experience

The two-hour Bush Tucker Experience takes you on a journey through the Isa Native Botanical Gardens at the Outback Park, where you can learn how native plants were used for food, seasoning, herbal drinks, and medicines used to treat common ailments, as well as for dyes, cleaning, clothing, crafting, building shelters, weapons and so much more. You can also taste some local bush tucker, including native passionfruit.

The tour also includes a behind-the-scenes visit to the neighbouring Mount Isa Fish Hatchery, where you can get up close and personal with native fish in the viewing tanks, while learning about the different species and their connection to Aboriginal culture and history.

The tour will also include a short, guided information session through the Mount Isa History Museum to admire Aboriginal artwork and artefacts, and to learna bout their meaning and historical importance.

Comfortable walking shoes are recommended as you will be moving around outside through the Outback Park. A water bottle, hat, sun-safe clothing and sunscreen are also advised – it can get very hot and sunny in the outback!

The Visitor Information Centre and Outback Park are wheelchair accessible. Click here or call  (07) 4749 1555 to book.


Outback Queensland

A cowboy at the Mount Isa Rodeo, always a popular event in Queensland. Image: Tourism and Events Queensland.


Amazing events in Mount Isa throughout 2023

Mount Isa 100 Years Gala Dinner – May 6

Road to Rodeo Mount Isa – May 7

Mount Isa Show celebrating 100 Years of Mount Isa City – June 23-24

North West MPX – May 10-11

Isa Street Festival – August 9

Mount Isa Mines Rodeo celebrating 100 Years of Mount Isa City – August 11-13


How to get there

Rex flies to Mount Isa. Book your tickets here



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