Dip into Western Australia’s amazing natural and man-made pools located right by the Indian Ocean.


Scarborough Beach Pool © Rob Dose


Scarborough Beach

One of Perth’s most popular beaches now has a geo-thermally heated public pool right by a beautiful stretch of white sand and teal sea. Scarborough Beach Pool is a massive 50 metre outdoor pool with great facilities, a cafe and tonnes of food options nearby, and clear waters suitable for year-round swimming— perfect for fitness or leisure. Open early and closing late, Scarborough Beach Pool is also the ideal spot for a splendid view of the WA sunrise and sunset. 


Mettam’s Pool © aquaflyte


Mettam’s Pool

Mettam’s Pool is a calm yet exciting spot in Perth, great for families. Its crystal turquoise waters reveal protective reefs and a rock pool to explore to your heart’s content. This natural lagoon has the perfect conditions for an afternoon of snorkelling fun. Watch for all the different kinds of fish and shellfish in this lovely area. 


Hamersley Pool, North Beach © Jason Mazur


Hamersley Pool

With shallow water and a cosy beach, this seaside destination is another beautiful natural pool for swimmers and snorkelers. Small but inviting, come out to Hamersley Pool for a calming time on the golden sand or nice dip free from large waves. 


Bicton Pool © Melville Water Polo Club


Bicton Baths 

Bicton Baths is located by the lovely Swan River near the Perth oceanfront. Not only a great place for a swim, this location is also friendly for picnics, barbies, strolls, paddleboarding, and more. Built and operated by the Melville Water Polo Club, Bicton Pool hosts several pools to choose from and a superb view of the sparkling blue river. 


Wyadup Spa, Yallingup, Western Australia © Phil Hollett


Injidup Natural Spa

South of Perth you’ll find Injidup Natural Spa. This treasure of a rock pool is sheltered from the boisterous Indian Ocean waves by an outcropping of rocks. The view of the surf blasting through the little dip and washing white foam all over the rocks makes for an iconic picture. Better than a regular spa, Injidup Natural Spa is a must-visit destination with its natural massage sensations and stunning views. 


Greens Pool © Tourism WA


Greens Pool

WA locals love this spot in Williams Bay National Park, known as one of the best beaches in Australia. With glassy turquoise waters, Greens Pool is spectacular for swimming and snorkelling as the perfect summer spot for everyone. You’ll get your exercise in while having a fantastic time. If you’re looking for leisure, bask in the sun on the fine white sand or huge granite rocks, and enjoy the undeniably beautiful seascape. 


Little Lagoon © Jason Mazur


Little Lagoon 

Further up north from Perth in Denham, this incredible natural pool off the Peron Peninsula is a hidden gem the adventurers reading this cannot miss. Little Lagoon’s calm waters are perfect for swimming and fishing, and the pool is a stone’s throw away from other amazing sites like Shark Bay’s Monkey Mia. Come bask in all the natural beauty of this almost perfectly round azure jewel of the West.  


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