We love this sunburnt country – this land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains. While we get misty-eyed about the country that we are all so lucky to live in, let’s also acknowledge its vastness.

Between her far horizons this wide, brown land has a lot to see. And a lot of the best stuff is, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere. Jaw-dropping vistas, astounding flora and incredible creatures are all there for people who are willing to get off track.


Stay in touch on your holiday with the Telstra GO Repeater. Image: supplied.


Transforming the outdoors lifestyle

The Telstra GO Repeater Mobile System is for these people.  Telstra has always worked in partnership with communities in Regional Australia to bring better mobile coverage in more places. But sometimes the signal just needs a little help.

Telstra GO Repeaters can be compared to a personal booster system. Like a radio repeater, it’s installed on your vehicle.  It captures a signal from a nearby Telstra mobile base station, amplifies it, and then spreads the boosted mobile signal to the desired area through an in-vehicle antenna. With a Telstra GO Repeater installed on a 4WD, people interested in getting off the beaten track can make the most out of the carrier’s capabilities.

Basically, it helps you get better mobile signal in areas where it’s usually weak. It’s been approved for use by Telstra Engineering and the Australian Communications and Media Authority. With Telstra GO Repeaters, you’ll be able to make voice and data calls in more areas, making it super useful for adventurous people who like to explore off the beaten path. Plus, you can experience fewer dropped calls and missed video calls, and it can even help save your phone’s battery life.

This can transform the outdoors lifestyle.


The Telstra GO Repeater helps you get better mobile signal in areas where it’s usually weak. Image: supplied.


Oh, the places you’ll go

Imagine that you’ve found the perfect spot to park the caravan. An aquamarine billabong laps gently to one side as the kookaburras laugh in the ghost gums. And you can still call your mum and tell her how much you’re enjoying it.

Imagine driving off the beaten track with the kids in the back, enjoying the inherent beauty of Regional Australia – there’s the possibility that the kids can touch base with Nan and the cousins whilst you are on the road.

Imagine finding the perfect off-track destination on the internet and navigating there with the help of your smartphone. And once you’re there you could potentially still post those all-important envy-inducing social media updates.

There’s so much of this opal-hearted country, this wilful, lavish land to see. A Telstra GO Repeater gives you improved connectivity in low reception areas, so as you enjoy it you can experience more of its off-track splendours while still being in touch.


Experience off-track wonders while still keeping in touch with the Telstra GO Repeater. Image: supplied.


With thanks to Dorothea Mackellar for her poem ‘My Country’ quoted often in this article.

For some of the best places to go to get off the beaten track, discover the Pinnacles Desert in WA, the best 4WD tracks in Victoria, or the wonders of Cape York in Queensland.

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