If you’re looking for an exciting day out with the family, or seeking new entertainment and an adrenaline rush with friends, Luna Park Sydney is ready to deliver a sensational experience for all fun-lovers and thrill-seekers.


There’s a lot more than one big toothy grin at Luna Park Sydney, with the nine amazing new rides putting more smiles on dials than you can count.

The Big Dipper – Australia’s tallest and fastest multi-launch coaster – is a big drawcard for the big kids, and for those who are still kids at heart. If that’s not impressive enough, it is also the world’s first single-track multi-launch coaster. This means the Big Dipper is seriously bigger, dippier, faster, higher and loopier than anything you would have seen or experienced before in Australia and beyond.


Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Sydney (Volare)

It opened recently alongside the Sledgehammer, reaching new levels of heart-stopping heights so you really get all the bang for your buck. Once the ominous hammer launches you into the sky you’ll feel G-forces like never before as you twist and turn – those iconic views of Sydney Harbour flashing before you like a movie on fast forward.
If you’re out for the day with the little ones in tow, there’s the new Cloud Nine – a huddle of bright replica hot air balloons that gently rise and fall in and out of the sky as it rotates like a Merry Go Round. Both kids and adults can fit into the cartoon-like baskets. Then there’s Little Nipper – a jaw-some mini roller coaster where you can jump aboard a great white for a ride that will have everyone squealing in joy.

Luna Park Sydney’s all-time favourite ride ­– the mighty Wild Mouse – has been operating since the earlier days, and it continues to bring nostalgia and a constant stream of adrenaline to the table, as you’re hurled around each fearsome corner in the little cabooses that have heard a million screams in their time. No one can go just once, and the photos that you can pick up on your way out are usually just as amusing as the ride.


Slideshow Games

This picture of the Slideshow Games at Luna Park was taken in the 1970s.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets, hold on to that Fairy Floss and strap in for the ride of your life. And a fair warning – that famous toothy grin is more excited to welcome you than ever before.


Buy online and save


If you can, book your visit early online and save. Luna Park is also accepting NSW Parent Vouchers through on-site purchase at the ticket box only. To redeem a NSW Parent Voucher visit the ticket box located inside the park. Please note, the Parent Vouchers must be from the NSW government voucher distribution pool to be accepted.


Sydney experiences

The centre of the park in Sydney shows the hustle and bustle of a big day filled with adventure.

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