As much as we love spending a weekend at one of the many wellness and spa retreats around Australia, it’s not always (in fact, it’s rarely ever) possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge and relax at home.

Run a bath or light some candles, lock yourself away and put on some soothing music – you’re booked in for an uninterrupted #selfcare session. Doctors orders. To help make the spa-at-home experience all the more indulgent, why not include a few of these fabulous Aussie Made goodies?


Palm Beach Collection

A family owned and run Australian business, Palm Beach Collection creates beautiful hand-poured scented candles, reed diffusers and bath products in an array of fragrances, each inspired by Australia’s coastal landscape – in particular, Sydney’s Palm Beach; the place that shaped and defined the journey of the brand.



These artisan candles take inspiration from folkloric myths, legends and history. Wyspworks creates quality soy candles that aim to create scent experiences, hand-crafted in the Hunter Valley.


Vanessa Megan

In 2001, Vanessa Gray Lyndon, founder and formulator of Vanessa Megan, was inspired by a comment from her best friend that ‘you should never put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat.’ Studying the power of natural extracts and oils, she began creating skincare in Australia from natural, wild harvested and bio-available ingredients. 19 years on, Vanessa Megan Skincare, body and perfumes are trading in premium department stores internationally, and boasting the same efficacy results as iconic skincare brands.


Aussie Made haircare

evo hair

Born out of South Australia, evo is a family owned and operated brand that has been providing customers with top-notch professional hair care since 2005. Priding themselves on giving everyone and anyone good hair with no gimmicks, no miracles or hyped up ingredients, evo creates salon quality, professional hair care that speaks with truth and honesty. evo is committed to producing products that are vegan, gluten free and cruelty free, as well as free from sulfates, parabens, tea, propylene glycol and gluten.


Aussie Made skincare

Sand & Sky

Created by twin sisters Sarah and Emily Hamilton, Sand & Sky is the social mediasensation responsible for putting A-Beauty on the map.  A leader that brings Aussie botanical ingredients to the world, Sand & Sky is powered by purifying Australian Pink Clay, glow-giving Australian Emu Apple, hydrating Tasmanian Spring Water and the best botanical actives. Sand & Sky is no-worries skincare that works with clean, effective, lovely-to-use formulas that skip the 10-step routines and crazy claims.


Aussie Made marshmallows

The Marshmallow Co.

Based on the Central Coast of NSW, The Marshmallow Co. make unique marshmallow’s by experimenting with different flavours and styles. The cornerstone of their recipe is the ‘fluffiness’,  every single marshmallow will melt in your mouth. With over 40 flavours, you’re sure to find a flavour for everyone!


Aussie Made gin


Made using handpicked botanicals chosen to reflect a unique native Australian recipe, this award winning Giniversity spirit is proudly made by Margaret River Distillery on the west coast of Australia, three hours drive from Perth.


Aussie Made vodka

Underground Spirits

Toby Angstmann is many things. A leading fertility specialist, a robotic surgeon, and a bit of an all-round brilliant guy. He’s known as a bit of an ideas man… ‘we should do this, what if we tried that, why don’t we have a go at this…’ One of his ideas was to start his own distillery. Try Underground Spirit’s Vodka and Gin today.


Aussie Made cookies

Snowy Mountains Cookies

Snowy Mountains Cookies specialise in the art of baking gourmet foods made without artificial colours, flavours or additives and without preservatives. Snowy Mountains Cookies are dedicated to only baking with quality ingredients – keeping it natural by keeping it simple.


Looking for more Aussie Made gems? We’ve got plenty where these came from! Check out our dedicated Aussie Made section.

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