From beautiful beaches and unique landscapes to vibrant cities and famous landmarks, Australia has no shortage of treasures. Among them are the country’s gorgeous botanic gardens, blooming with nature’s jewels.


Australia has over 140 botanic gardens around the country, ranging in conserving and showcasing the Australian native and endemic species or providing the ability to see and experience plants from other regions of the world.

The support of these gardens aids in continuing to spread awareness of environmental conservation efforts while providing an enjoyable recreational area to relax, play, and dine.

Here are our top 12 botanical gardens to visit around the country.


Botanic gardens in New South Wales


Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney

Established in 1816, it is Australia’s oldest living scientific institution and botanic garden. The Garden spans 30 hectares and offers more than 27,000 plants from around the world.


Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

© Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, Simone Cottrell


There is always something happening at these gardens with live events, and many educational opportunities to learn about various plant regions of the world. The Garden is one of the top ten most visited destinations in Australia and a major tourist attraction with good reason!

It is a great way to get away from city life and take a break with nature. Learn more here.


The Australian Botanic Garden in Mount Annan

Instituted as Australia’s largest botanic garden, it covers 416 hectares and focuses on showcasing the immense diversity of flora that Australia has to offer. This garden also serves as a conservation research facility and houses the New South Wales Seedbank.


Couple enjoying their visit to The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan.

© Destination NSW


This garden is an incredible opportunity to become more informed with the importance of environmental conservation and its effects as the Australian Botanic Garden will house the National Herbarium of New South Wales there. It will also have the new Australian Institute of Botanical Science, pushing New South Wales as a global leader in botanical sciences.

According to the Australian Institute of Botanical Science, the institute will focus on providing solutions to food insecurity and climate change while providing job and educational opportunities.

Learn how you can make a difference by preparing a visit soon.


The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in Mount Tomah

Inspired by traditional European garden design, this garden lies over 28 hectares of gorgeous terrain while featuring cool climate plants from around the world. Visitors have the opportunity to wander around, embark on a hike or road trip, or enjoy a picnic!


Blue Mountains

© Destination NSW


Exhibitions include a rock garden focusing on the rocky plant communities from different continents, from South African Protea species to the South American Bromleians. Or visit the bog garden to see the highlighted rare plants from the Blue Mountain regions, such as the Venus’ Flytrap or take a walk through Asia at the plant explorers exhibit and discover over 300 years of plant exploration from Asia with more than 400 different plant species on display.

The Blue Mountain Garden also offers a guided tour experience to increase mental and physical health by reducing stress levels and lowering blood pressure making it a truly unique and relaxing experience for when you need to getaway.  Learn more here.


Botanical gardens in the Northern Territory


George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens in Darwin

These gardens focus on displaying the wondrous plants of northern Australia and the tropical areas of the world. Plants up for display include colourful heliconias, gingers, tropical orchids, bromeliads, and many more exotic plants.


George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens in blossom

© Tourism NT | Ashley Dobson


This centre offers incredible learning opportunities about the area’s cultural history, plant collections, and Aboriginal plant uses. Visitors can also enjoy a nice picnic underneath the Madagascan baobab trees in the African garden or experience a waterfall in the rainforest.

With many areas, trails, and restaurants to experience and located only 2km from the centre of Darwin, there is much to do! Learn more here.


Botanic gardens in Queensland 


Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha 

Recognized as Queensland’s premier subtropical gardens, it offers 56 hectares of stunning gardens. Visitors can take self-guided and guided tours or ride bikes on designated roads around the land as they take in the scenery and wildlife.


Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha

© Visit Brisbane


Attractions include the Australian Plant Communities from the Queensland area and a lagoon made from captured rainwater from the mountain that showcases the tropical and subtropical rainforests right here in Australia.

The Brisbane Botanic Gardens collections include more than 40 rare and endangered species and provide a unique and memorable experience to anyone who visits. Look into visiting today.


Bundaberg Botanic Gardens in Bundaberg

Made up of 27 hectares of incredible terrain, these gardens feature over 10,000 trees and shrubs, a vast, gorgeous lake, and multiple community areas to hang out, picnic, relax, and play.


Japanese_garden_at_the_Bundaberg_Botanic_Gardens_Bundaberg Regional Council

© Bundaberg Regional Council


These gardens have 14 unique living plant collections, including rare fruit tree orchards, the tallest Heliconia in the world, or enjoy the tranquillity of the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. The Chinese and Japanese Gardens include tiered ponds, tori gate, and azaleas for a tranquil experience. With an award-winning nature playground, there is much to explore and enjoy. Learn more here.


Botanical gardens in South Australia 


Adelaide Botanic Garden in Adelaide 

Located in the heart of Adelaide, escape the city by visiting this wonderful and diverse garden that features plants across Australia and the world. These gardens have unique architecture that sets them apart from others and adds to the experience.


Adelaide Botanic Garden

© Visit Victoria


These gardens are an oasis with attractions such as the First Creek Wetland, which showcases the importance of wetlands to an environment and sustainably supplies the gardens with water. The Garden of Health demonstrates the power plants can have regarding body, mind, and soul health, with over 2,500 plants used to heal across regions and cultures. Finally, taking a stroll through the International Rose Garden can lead to an enlightening adventure as over 5,000 roses are displayed in a gorgeous array.

The Adelaide Botanic Garden offers many more attractions such as the Australian Native Garden, the Cactus and Succulent Garden, and many more, which can all be experienced in one convenient location with one visit. Learn more today.


Wittunga Botanic Garden in Blackwood

Though much smaller than other gardens, the Wittunga Botanic Garden is a hidden gem on its own. Focusing on the water-wise plants from Australia and South Africa, this garden displays the beauty of Ericas and Proteas and other collections of plants from Kangaroo Island and the Fleurieu Peninsula.


© Wittunga Botanic Garden


Through the various gardens and collections offered, such as the Terrace Beds, a collection of African and Australian shrubs, and the Hakeas and Banksias made up of over 140 species, different flora and vegetation are offered to enjoy.

Not only are breath-taking plants showcased along its trails and garden collections, but the Wittunga Botanic Garden is also a haven for unique wildlife. One can visit the Bird Garden and listen to the calls of diverse native birds who call the garden their home. The Butterfly Garden is composed of beautiful butterflies who stop by to enjoy the sweet nectar the gardens provide and bring back to the gardens as they pollinate and support the ecosystem. Learn more about your future visit here.


Botanic gardens in Tasmania


Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart

If you find yourself in Tasmania, visiting the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens can add to your adventure. Serving as a cool climate garden made up of 14 hectares, this garden offers flora and vegetation that differs from many other gardens.


Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens - Lily Pads

© Tourism Tasmania | Lusy Productions


Australia’s second-oldest botanic garden offers a long, extensive and rich history alongside its attractions. Visitors can enjoy a break from the city as they enjoy walks around the open area with a 50-minute walking tour and take in the unique Tasmanian wildlife while learning about the conservation work being accomplished to protect the Tasmanian unique species. Learn more about what the amazing Tasmanian gardens have to offer here.


Botanical gardens in Victoria


Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne

Much like its Sydney counterpart, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne are a large part of the city’s attraction and cultural life from across the country and world. These gardens heavily emphasise the importance of education, conservation, science, and horticulture within its over 38 hectares. The Melbourne Gardens offer a collection of more than 8,500 species of plants worldwide, such as camellias, rainforest flora, cacti and succulents, roses, herbs, plants from Southern China, and many more.


Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne

© Visit Victoria


The Melbourne Gardens offer unique attractions such as the Sonica Botanica, an immersion experience to enjoy atmospheric music and the sounds of nature, along with interviews and field recordings while taking in the surrounding landscape.

The inner-city oasis also offers trails, bus tours, an Aboriginal Heritage Walk to learn about the significant cultural site of the local people, a forest therapy opportunity inspired by the Japanese shinrin-yoku, a preventative health practice that immerses your senses deep into the forest, and much more. 

Learn more about this one of a kind experience here.


Hamilton Botanic Gardens in Hamilton

At only four hectares, the Hamilton Botanic Gardens are small but have much to offer. Set aside in 1853, it is one of Australia’s first gardens and has a long history of providing a rich landscape. These gardens, alongside its history, are considered an essential part of Victoria’s heritage. Many artifacts related to the gardens can be found in the Hamilton Art Gallery.


Hamilton Botanical Gardens

© Visit Victoria


These gardens offer areas of lush plantation, fountains, and a great form of escapism from the city. Take a break from the city and learn more here.


Botanical gardens in Western Australia


Mount Martin Regional Botanic Park in Albany

Mount Martin Regional Botanic Park offers a beautiful coastal setting to relax and enjoy the natural backdrop within the Albany region. From its high points, the Breaksea and Michaelmas islands can be viewed and relished.


Botanic park in Albany

© Albany Region


Visitors can embark into the gardens and experience the park’s various walks while taking in the numerous wildflowers native to the area, including the common donkey orchid, little kangaroo paw, and the late-flowering pink bunny orchid.

The gardens are encompassed by a patchwork of forest, woodlands, wetlands, sedges, granite shrublands, and heath covers.

The view itself brings it apart from other gardens and makes it an unforgettable experience. Learn more on how you can experience it for yourself here.


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