Sydney is great for light shows, spectacular sports and fireworks, but many miss out on the great art galleries in Sydney that are both magnificent and unique. We have pulled together the 6 best art galleries in Sydney for you to immerse yourself in. 


MCA: Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney


Being Sydney’s most famous art gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney celebrates the work of living artists, across all art forms including painting, photography, sculpture, works on paper and moving images. Almost as if it’s floating on the water, the MCA is conveniently located in the most iconic part of Sydney at Circular Quay, looking straight onto the Opera House. It has major exhibitions held throughout the year, with other wonderful features such as the rooftop cafe, the sculpture terrace, high-tech education center and 120-seat lecture theatrette.  

It’s easy to spend the day in this museum appreciating the voice of over 4,000 Australian artists since 1989 till now. It’s a space where complex and challenging artworks are accessible to you, and a place you can’t miss out on when visiting this city where art matters!


art galleries in sydney

The Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney – Image from Lindy Lee


White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale


White Rabbit Gallery is the home to the world’s largest privately owned collection of 21st Century Chinese Art. You may come in expecting to find traditional Chinese paintings, while in reality, it showcases brilliantly creative artworks that can blow your mind. 

It also has a cafe that makes the best Chinese tea in Sydney! Go there, sip some tea and enjoy the beautiful bird cages hanging from the ceiling for the ultimate Chinese contemporary art experience.


Contemporary Chinese Art – Image from David Roche


Sophie Tea Art in Manly


Sophie Tea Art is owned by Sophie, a British artist that is said to be disrupting the art industry with her one of a kind approach. She started her career solely through Instagram, painting nudes of her audience to celebrate the female form and champion body diversity. 

She is creating vibrant and powerful arts, and if you are looking for such a new breath of air into art, go check out this fancy house of Sophie Tea Art. In case you can’t make it, Sophie has an edgy 360 degree virtual tour of the store that, once again, awes us with her eccentricity!

Visit the virtual tour here:


Sophie and her powerful movement in art – Image from Sophie Tea Art


Carriageworks In Redfern


Australia’s largest multi-art centre, Carriageworks is an artist-led program that commits to reflect social and cultural diversity. It engages artists and audiences with contemporary ideas and issues, hosting from global exhibitions, festivals to weekly farmer markets and so much more events throughout the year! Its support of artists is unrelenting, paving the way for Carriageworks to be another must-see art centre in Sydney.


Australia’s largest multi-art centre – Image from Daniel Boud


Brett Whiteley Studio


Brett Whitely is a phenomenal artist in Australia who bought a warehouse in 1985 and converted it into a studio and exhibition space. He lived there from 1988 to 1992, the year he died in Thirroul, and his workplace and home is now open to the public as the Brett Whiteley Studio

Visiting this unique art space, you don’t just see art but also history and life under the lens of an artist. His studio was preserved as it would have been during his life, including all his unfinished paintings, art equipment or even the graffiti wall covered with quotes and images. Paintings are still scattered on the floor, and brushes still with colors bringing you this heated passion for arts. Visit Brett Whiteley Studio and witness the space where the best artworks were created!


Brett Whitely working space – Image from the Art Gallery of NSW


Art Gallery of NSW


The Art Gallery of New South Wales is the leading museum of art in NSW and Sydney, and one of Australia’s foremost cultural institutions. Presenting nearly 40 exhibitions annually, the gallery holds significant art collections ranging from Australia, Europe to Asia. 

It’s also home to the country’s most significant art award – the Archibald Prize that celebrates portrait paintings highlighting figures from all walks of life. The gallery also hosts a variety of other prizes and events, attracting over one million visitors annually. 


One of the best art galleries in Sydney – Image from Cordelia Williamson


Art is an essential part of our life and it’s time we appreciate it in this city with these 6 wonderful art galleries in Sydney!

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