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Truly Aus is an online magazine and travel hub dedicated to publishing travel stories that reveal and celebrate the real Australia, giving intrepid travellers insider tips on how best to discover the best of regional, rural and outback Australia.

All travel content from True Blue (the in-flight magazine for Rex airlines) can be found here, and our Australian business content can be found at our sister company AusBizmedia.com

If your company or organisation has synergy with Truly Aus or AusBiz, we welcome the chance to collaborate, so drop us a line anytime.

For publishing enquiries contact Michelle Hespe 

For editorial enquiries contact Darcy Watt


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Win a luxury travel set

WIN a luxury travel set

Created by Catherine Manuell Design using Evelyn Pultara’s wonderful and vibrant Bush Yam print. Evelyn is from the Utopia Arts region in the Northern Territory.

Thanks and good luck.

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