Coffs Harbour is a coastal getaway worth adventuring to: even if it’s just for the local cuisine.

The sandy beach town may be known for humpback whales, mountainous terrain, and abundant wildlife but it’s also filled to the brim with charming cafes and fine dining restaurants. From a great cup of coffee to a lavish dinner out on the town, here are the 8 best places in Coffs Harbour for a superb bite to eat. 


Old John’s

Quirky with heaps of retro decor, this little cafe on the Jetty Strip is every hipster’s dream. With wooden recycled doors tacked on the wall and eclectic portraits of Jesus in random corners of the shop, it’s easy to see why there is an attraction simply for the aesthetic. However, the cherry on top is that Old John’s also packs a punch when it comes to lunch. Try their famous feta scrambled eggs or wait around until the sun goes down and watch the cafe turn into a trendy wine bar.


Pansabella Provedores

Aesthetically pleasing may not be a strong enough term to describe Pansabella Provedores. The french-inspired cafe is joined to a flower shop, stocked with vibrant blooming bouquets. Indulge any craving you may have from delicious pastries, smooth espresso and rich chocolatey desserts, to an expansive lunch menu, all while taking in the sweet scent of fresh flowers. 


Urban Espresso Lounge

Searching for an eatery with a diverse menu to make the whole group happy? Look no further. Known for fantastic classic dishes with a modern twist, Urban Espresso Lounge has a little something for everyone. Venture out of your comfort zone with their grilled marinated squid, opt for a hefty steak sandwich or simply sip on one of their to-die-for sunrise smoothies. With all-day breakfast, a wide range of lunch options, and one of the biggest, most innovative vegan menus around, you’re sure to find a meal that satisfies your needs.


Fiasco Ristorante + Bar

A hidden gem on the Mid North Coast, Fiasco Ristorante + Bar is the perfect place to lounge in candlelit rooms while dining on authentic Italian cuisine. With Italian chef Stefano Mazzina behind the magic, each dish is cooked masterfully and artistically plated for a high-quality experience. Don’t miss their extensive menu of rich red and white wines, fruity cocktails and even a list of obscure Italian cheeses.


Surf and turf meal from Latitude 30 restaurant in Coffs Harbour.

Latitude 30 

Latitude 30 is the one-stop destination for all things seafood in Coffs Harbour. Housed right on the breathtaking coastline, this esteemed eatery has gorgeous views of the South Pacific to take in as you dine on the freshest locally sourced seafood. Choose from any kind of fish dish you can imagine, from scotch fillet steak to fish and chips, or have the whole ocean on one plate with the popular seafood platter.


Experience authentic Mexican cuisine right in Coffs Harbour.

Lime Mexican

Tacos, tequila and margaritas – Lime Mexican is a small slice of heaven from the other side of the world. A fan favourite amongst locals, stop by to share tasty quesadillas or chimichangas with friends. Happy hour is 4-6pm all weekdays, and don’t miss live music Fridays for a vibrant and lively fiesta like no other!


With beautiful scenery and a relaxed atmosphere, Shearwater is one of the most stunning places to eat in Coffs Harbour.

Shearwater Restaurant 

Picturesque and positively lovely, Shearwater restaurant is most loved for its serene views of Coffs Creek and the relaxed atmosphere. With a sensational menu consisting of modern Aussie cuisine like the tempting barramundi, Shearwater loves to keep ingredients locally sourced and undeniably fresh. After you’re finished with your meal, don’t forget to go down to the lower decks and feed the fish – a tourist attraction in its own right.


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