Australians love their sushi. Japanese cuisine has exploded in popularity, with an amazing array of sushi restaurants found all around the country. From fine dining to casual eateries, there are a few things they all have in common: experienced chefs, friendly staff and impeccable food.

Tuck into our pick of the 12 best sushi restaurants in Australia.



Masaaki’s Sushi

Masaaki’s Sushi is a hidden gem tucked away in the former logging town of Geeveston, just over an hour’s drive from Hobart through the beautiful Huon Valley. This charming sushi shop is run by charismatic surfer and fisherman Masaaki Koyama from Osaka, and there are always queues of patient food lovers lining up out front.

Masaaki has over 30 years’ experience making sushi, and he is renowned for using some of Tasmania’s finest, fresh-as-it-comes ingredients – some of which he dives to get himself. Thousands of reviewers praise this Japanese masterchef, and he is also known for his enthusiastic personality. His regular hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am until he sells out – sometimes as early as 1.30, so get in quick!




Located in The Star in the Gold Coast’s sunny Broadbeach, Kiyomi is perfectly positioned for a delicious lunchtime experience. The executive chef of this eatery is Chase Kojima, a successful businessman and incredible chef, who incorporates his traditional sushi-making training with the influence of his American upbringing to produce unique dishes and flavours for his devoted customers. Grab some sushi and head to the stunning Kurrawa beach for a perfect lunch.




Minamishima is a chic restaurant found in Melbourne’s multicultural suburb of Richmond. The head chef and founder, Koichi Minamishima, has 25 years of experience, and developed his abilities in Japan before moving to Melbourne. Minamishima offers traditional Japanese dishes and serves, such as his uniquely-fashioned omakase (chef’s choice) which you can enjoy with friends and family.




Tucked in The Star in Pyrmont Bay, Sokyo is another sushi restaurant run by Chase Kojima, a culinary genius who devotes his time and skill into serving up a storm of traditional sushi with Californian flair. Sokyo offers a 23-course omakase to satisfy your culinary delights with this mastermind’s experienced cooking. 




Situated in Melbourne and Brisbane, Komeyui is a fresh-tasting sushi restaurant guaranteed to please. Owner and head chef Motomu Kumano is an authentic cook who grew up in a small fishing village in Hokkaido. Here, Kumano was taught all about the importance and relevance of fresh ingredients; something he strongly displays throughout his sushi-making at Komeyui. At Komeyui, the chefs are artists with the passion to create, and you will surely adore their creations. 



Sono Japanese Restaurant Portside Wharf

Sono Japanese Restaurant is located in the beautiful area of Portside Wharf, Brisbane. The owner of Sono, William Liu, is an accomplished restaurant owner. Sono is a friendly place with even friendlier staff. Ryuji-Tomihara is the executive chef and General manager of Sono. He ensures the food is fresh and tasty for his customers. 




An institution in Collins Place, Melbourne, Kenzan has been serving Japanese food for over 40 years since 1981. Authentic and traditional, Kenzan maintains a charming Japanese atmosphere with the structure, freshly-picked ingredients, and eight incredibly talented Japanese chefs. Kenzan staff are incredibly attentive to detail, efficient and friendly, guaranteeing a stellar dining experience. 




Just behind the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Azuma sits in all its glory.  With a menu made up of seasonal fresh ingredients and a well orchestrated team, Azuma restaurant is an absolute must-try. The owner, Kimitaka Azuma is a skilled chef with an incredible passion for Japanese cuisine, which is evident through the incredible dishes served at Azuma.



Cho Cho San

Located in bustling Potts Point, Sydney, Cho Cho San offers customers a Izakaya-inspired array of flavours to enjoy. The cuisine is mouth-watering and created to bring people joy. Head chef, Nic Wong, sees the real beauty in bringing joy to people with food after years of making his mother breakfast in bed as a young boy. All in all, Cho Cho San is a wonderful place to dine, with tasty food and a charming chef.



Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen

Tucked within Surry Hills’ weaving streets, Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen is a master restaurant that specialises in Japanese cuisine. With an ever-changing menu for freshness and variety, it is a fine place to enjoy a splendid, fresh, and tasty meal. The head chef – and founder – is Raita Noda, a Tokyo-born sushi chef who runs the restaurant with his apprentice son Momotaro Noda. Together, the kitchen recreates an authentic, traditional, Japanese-style cuisine with a modern Australian twist. You’ll need to book well in advance though, as this in-demand eatery has only eight seats!



Izakaya Fujiyama

Izakaya Fujiyama is a popular, relaxed destination for all adventurous sushi lovers. The food’s exceptional freshness and skillful preparation draws the eye of customers like a treat. With impeccable service, Izakaya Fujiyama is an ideal place for an easy and delicious meal.



Nobu Japanese Restaurant

As an off branch of The Crown in Melbourne, Nobu Japanese Restaurant is a delightful place to dine for the evening. The head chef – and first owner – Nobu Matsuhisa was inspired to cook after people were taken to a sushi restaurant by his elder brother. This unlocked his passion for servicing and cooking, which led to him open Nobu Japanese Restaurant years later. Nobu Japanese Restaurant offers private functions and delectable food. 


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